Monday, November 20, 2006

Yeoman of the Year is better fit than Rookie of the Year

So I was just on the PGA Tour website, where you as a golf enthusiast can cast your vote on who should be named player of the year, comeback player of the year, rookie of the year and so on.

I guess it goes without saying that Tiger will no doubt get the player of the year nod, but my disappointment runs deep with the Tour’s selection of possible rookie of the year candidates. They are as follows: Eric Axley, J.B. Holmes, Trevor Immelman, Troy Matteson, and Camilo Villegas. But where in blue blazes is Charley Hoffman’s? At least throw the man a bone for God’s sake!

Each guy is player, no bones about it. I give them all the credit they deserve. However, should winning an event automatically place you in contention for rookie of the year? Yes, I know Villegas did not win an event, came close twice with two 2nd place finishes as well as a solo 3rd so he’s the exception to this short but sweet list.

I guess I have to give some guff here pertaining to Eric Axley who made 16 cuts all year, while getting the ax the other 13 weeks he was out. True he won the Valero Texas Open, but what else can this guy throw down? He had 2 top 10’s and 4 top 25 finishes. Impressive in the large scale sure, but rookie of the year honors? I don’t think so.

Next comes J.B. Holmes. 1st on tour in eagles, (19 total) and 2nd in driving distance, averaging 318.8 yards off the tee box most impressive in its own right. However, his position on the leader board at the end of the day on Sunday is somewhat lackluster. True, he did win the FBR Open, but he only had 1 other top ten and only had 4 top 25’s. I know everyone likes to talk about his long ball, but again, in the grand scheme of things, not rookie of the year worthy.

Troy Matteson waited till the last five weeks of the season to make something happen. He chalked up the proverbial “W” at the open, and had 4 top 10 finishes all in 5 consecutive weeks. However, he saw the bottom half of the cut line 14 times.

Given the choices I have, the best candidate for rookie of the year would have to go to the South African Trevor Immelman. The Southie had 8 top 10’s including a win at the Cialis Western Open, and 15 top 25’s. He was in the money for 19 events and was cut only 5 times and he sits at 4th in tour scoring average. By far, a better candidate than those previously mentioned.

Now comes the Duffers’ observation. I believe that the definition of any top shelf golfer is competitive consistency. So I am completely appalled that my main man Charley Hoffman did not even make the candidate list for Rookie of the year. No, Hoffman did not get a win in the 2006 season, either did his Nationwide buddy Camilo Villegas, but Hoffman still grinded it out for 21 weeks, and found the money. He had 5 top 10’s and 10 top 25 finishes. He was only cut 8 times and finished the year at 10th in driving distance and 28th in putting.

So my rookie of the year pick is Trevor Immelman.

My Yeoman of the year is Charley Hoffman.


Today in Golf History:

On this date in 1917, South African Bobby Locke was born. Locke won four British open titles. (1949, 1950, 1952, 1957)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today in Golf History

On this date in 1959, potentially named comeback player of the year and assistant Ryder Cup Captain Corey Pavin was birthed.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today in Golf History

On this date in 1888, the first U.S. golf club was founded in Yonkers New York. It was aptly named St. Andrew’s.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Grey Goose Group Lays a Mean Egg!

I’ve come to a conclusion as of late.

The hosts/co-hosts and/or moderators, whatever you fancy to call them, are a band of blowhards and simpletons. I appreciate the attempts they make to create a buzz amongst the golfing community, however they do it with very little gusto or invigoration.

On the other hand, Steve Duemig looks as if he’s going to “stroke out” whenever he tries to make a point. The veins in his neck and head protrude so greatly, it’s as if he’s passing a stone. So I got to give him props for that. Risking your health to try and make a point should never go unnoticed.

Look for more to come concerning this trio of trumpeters as they pronounce the gospel of golf.