Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Broadcast Golf Needs To Get: Gusto-Fabulous

I recently read a post from a fellow blogging compatriot, The Golf Blogger who wrote about the impending PGA negotiations with the fat cats of public and cable television. I understand the point some make when they say that the golf season is quite lengthy, that’s one of the reasons why I love the sport so much, I can watch it practically every week. On the other hand, I can see why some may not agree with the extended season.

I have a feeling that these major network honchos really dropped the ball when they initially signed on for all these tournaments back in 2001 at the height of “Tiger Mania”. How can anyone put so much pressure and so many expectations on one individual? Did they honestly believe that Tiger would be the end all solution for golf? Sure, the sport has peaked thanks very largely in part to Tiger Woods, but c’mon. The sport of golf can never rely on the strength and gumption of just one player. Because sooner or later, every player stumbles. Some players crash.

If I was in Carolyn Bivens’ camp, the commissioner of the LPGA, I would pay close attention to the ensuing talks between the PGA and the television networks. In the coming years, Bivens will have to contend with expected crowds hovering over Michelle Wie and other women who are now on the prowl. Just look at all the attention Michelle received for being disqualified. Imagine if she actually won. But the LPGA tour’s future is bright with several big names log jamming the leader boards week after week. I.e. Creamer, Gulbis, Kim (take you pick) and especially Sorenstam the list goes on.

I believe that broadcast golf needs an awakening. It needs a jump start cocktail of Red Bull, Vodka and Ginseng. I love to watch golf, absolutely, but some of these broadcasters are so lame and dull. Some have the exuberance of a door knob. We need more David Feherty’s and Gary McCord’s running the a


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