Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Daly will rise again

Good Souls,

I apologize, but I have been on vacation for the past several days working tirelessly on my habitual habits. Over this past weekend, I watched as much as I could of the AMEX at Harding Park. I can’t express how upset I was that J.D. didn’t win. To some, he may seem like a passing fad in a realm of substantial, elitist golfers. To me, he’s what everyone else says he is; a professional golfer who common man can relate to. It’s upsetting to me, you know. Here we have this great guy who’s been around the block for years. Went through some ups and downs, we all know what they were, won some tournaments and a couple of majors to boot but lost the AMEX this year by a 3 footer in sudden death against “the greatest golfer who ever lived.”

Then you take Harding Park, a historic golf course located in San Francisco which has been around since 1925 and has played host to a number of tournaments in its primary years. For a while, it had fallen ill due to neglect and lack of substantial monetary contributions which are so necessary for a public course of its magnitude and importance.

Nevertheless, like that damn Phoenix rising from the ashes, Harding Park was transformed with a little help from those who cherish it the most, the people. The entire crusade was spearheaded by Sandy Tatum, a devoted, older disciple of the game who wasn’t to shabby in his hey-day either. Anyways, he and others found the necessary
$16 million (Thanks California, Proposition 12!) to reincarnate Harding Park to a world class public golfing facility.

You may ask, “Oh Undaunted One, what is your point?” My point is young grasshoppers, like Harding Park and the Phoenix before it, John Daly will rise from the ashes of this missed three footer to sit atop the leader board again soon.

All great things are never forgotten, only placed in the memories of those they touched, to be reborn when the time is right.

I’m with you Mr. Daly.


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