Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A little word play concerning a LARGE question.

So I pose this question to you my dear friends. DOES SIZE MATTER? The reason why I ask is because as of recently, I have quit smoking and have noticed that I am in fact eating a whole hell of a lot more. My weight has seemed to have shifted from an uncomfortable realization to an unsavory recognition. Nevertheless, my game has suffered. Is this a transition in mentality or physicality? As students of the game or not, we all know that Golf’s “Upper Echelon” is no stranger to trim and sleek as it is portly and stout. However, the query remains: Does weight gain hinder ones progression in the game of golf?


At 6:28 PM, Blogger JJ Gowland said...

Oh Yes, Size matters. Weight gain, weight shift, shifts both physical and mental aspects of this game.

Ask a qualified PGA instructor what he tells a big breasted woman when she asks how to swing around the impediment. Ask a woman who is eight months pregnant and still golfing how she shifts her weight.

Has anyone noticed that Tiger's shoulders have increased? - no doubt because of his workout body building plan. Noticed how he is in more trouble? Did you see Freddie's magnificient drive on the 18th today and he looked so fluid.

Congrats on quitting the smoking habit.
It's now a matter of adjusting your metabolism, (increase it) to keep your energy flowing, your mental craving focused on other activities, and keep generating your awareness.
Soon, physically you'll feel much better - because of the lack of smoke and mentally you'll feel better because of the will (can we call it 'well' power) power.

Go ahead, ask a pregnant golfer how she shifts her weight.
I dare ya.


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