Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Mission Statement
(All good companies, entities and people of substance have one, why can’t I?)

Just so you all understand, this blog is the creation of a golfer gone mad. You see, I am more than just your everyday weekend duffer. I watch, I talk and I live for golf. One can say it has truly taken over. It’s something like a disease really. I should have a tag hanging on my rearview mirror so I can get better parking spots at local malls and grocery stores. My obsession has extended itself all the way down the rabbit hole and now it is looking for new avenues. Furthermore, I will be completely honest to all my readers when I say that I am a true duffer in every sense of the word. I am no where near as good as I should be. My late start in the game and my portly stature dictate a different role for myself in this great game.

My newfound calling is to try to blend in my own sense of style while incorporating characteristics of those whom I admire such as the late great gonzo journalist Hunter H. Thompson as well as some colorful commentary such as Gary McCord as well as trying to add that right touch of panache that only David “Fairway” Feherty can. All this while trying to maintain my own steady stock of dribbling gibberish? Golf Gods, please have mercy. Please keep in mind this blog in new to the game and its creator is a golf addict not a computer junky. Please enjoy and view often.


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