Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No Love, Some Love, Much Love over Michelin
(But it's all spilt milk anyways)

In response to Cody Thrashers’ statement from The Sand Trap that he wouldn’t want to see Dick Trickle win a NASCAR race over Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Tony Stewart; I’d definitely want to see it.

First and foremost, Dick Trickle happens to be that greatest name in all of sports. Personally, I would love to hear the name Dick Trickle proclaimed all over the radio and television as well as plastered all over our daily rags. C’mon, Dick Trickle!

Now that I have my 8thy grade sense of humor past me for the moment, I’m upset for a few reasons concerning this past weeks Michelin Championship.

First and foremost, I didn’t care for the course. Don’t get me wrong, I’d play it if I were invited, or had the ungodly amount of money it costs to join, but I’m not for the desert courses. Nice landscapes, excellent views, but it’s just missing that special touch that we associate with all great courses. I really don’t want to see a whole bunch of cacti or roaming tumbleweeds while I golf. That’s just one duffer’s opinion.

My second disturbance in the force also relates to the course itself. Both Furyk and Short finished at -21. -21 damn it! I’m sure many of you love to watch the birdie fests which take place on courses like this, but I’m one of those guys who love to watch the big dogs struggle. Show me Tiger hacking out of a bush, Singh ankle deep in a pool of water, Furyk having to take a drop to try and stay alive. That’s what I like to see. (1 out of three ain’t bad) Struggle? -21 isn’t a struggle. On the other hand, sudden death this past week at the Michelin was.

Thirdly, on Saturday, I was without golf. I turned on NBC, ABC and CBS and what did I see? College football. Okay, I’ll watch a game here and there, I’m still an American damn it, but where was the Michelin? So I turned on ESPN, the Golf Channel and USA. Still nothing! I did notice however, my cable service did show that USA was supposed to be broadcasting the Michelin, but when I turned to the station, there was a message on the screen which read something to the extent that they were unable to broadcast. Mr. Big Wig and Mr. Head Honcho must have called Mr. Pain in the Ass head of programming and ordered college football all day and no golf. What’s wrong with these people?

Finally, my last disturbance didn’t come from the tournament, but from a fellow blogger at another site, the Sand Trap. Although I enjoy reading Cody Thrasher’s views and opinions, I disagree with him when he implies that no name victories are not exciting. One of the greatest things about golf is the possibility that on any weekend, anyone who qualifies to enter the tournament has a chance to win. Albeit, some don’t have a reasonable chance in hell, but they still have some sliver of hope. Victories like these get me riled up and start my juices flowing. I won’t lie. Not because I always cheer for the underdog, but it lets me know, as a duffer, that anyone can have their day in the sun.


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