Thursday, October 20, 2005

Panache and Flair at Tommy Bahama Challenge
(And that's just the captains)

Just a little tid bit. I recently learned that the Tommy Bahama Challenge will be taking place on November 8th at the Raptor Course at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale Arizona but it will not be aired until Jan 2nd on CBS. First of all, I think this is pretty stupid. I mean, I have to wait almost 2 months before I can watch this thing? I want to know what’s up with the wait. To be honest with you, I missed this past years U.S. victory but am looking forward to the upcoming event for sure.

It looks like it’s going to be a genuinely good match up. The event will be match play, Americans Ben Crane, Ryan Moore, Zack Johnson and Arron Oberholser pitted against Internationals Justin Rose, Tim Clark, Geoff Ogilvy and Kevin Na. I think it will be a grinder all the way through to the end. But, I predict a repeat victory for the Americans, but they will definitely have to earn it. The International team looks pretty strong this year. So file this prediction somewhere handy.

Finally, I guess I’m more or less excited to see David Feherty and Gary McCord have at it while in their captains’ chairs. These two charismatic, overtly boisterous characters captained their respected teams last year, with McCord leading his doughboys to victory over Feherty’s imports thanks to Kevin Na’s approach shot on the first playoff hole. An eventual concession on the 18th green at Grayhawk from Feherty himself gave the obtusely termed “Young Guns” of America their victory. “Young Guns?” Why do we use this term folks? First of all, it was a movie in the early 90’s. Second of all, it just sounds like a really bad porno flick with the absence of females. Let’s try not to use this term anymore, okay? I apologize personally for using it myself. I will never use the term again.

So anyways, I’m looking forward to watching the event two months after it actually airs because it has some great players involved with some spicy captains.

I think the Captain's calling right now.


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