Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What Kind Of Golfer Are You?
(Gibberish written while half in the bag?)

Good Souls,

I have come to a less than thought out conclusion about something as of late. I believe that there are three types of golfers out there. The first variety of golfer is what I call the:

“Holy crap, I can’t believe I can go golfing today golfer.” I’m making this hypothesis because as of recently some of my closest friends have fallen into this category. These men of the links have either just become fathers, recently got married and their wives don’t approve of the greatest game on Earth or they’re just, shall I say but dread the thought, busy.

The next category is what I and many others call the “Avid Golfer” These are folks who try to make a serious effort to at least get out once, twice or three times a week. They even go as far as watching the golf channel and read blogs such as this one. Perhaps even create one. Nevertheless, these folks are enthusiasts, no matter what they shoot.

The final class is what I like to call the “Life Stylist” These people are die hard through and through. They walk and talk the part every day. If they’re alive and breathing, chances are they’re thinking about golf. Not just what tournament is taking place during the upcoming weekend, but if their golf shoes match their sweater vest and tees. Every vacation they take is to a golf resort. They name their children after great golfers, I.e. Arnold, Jack, Ben, Seve? Anyway, these folks burn for the game with every breathe they take.

But, that’s just one duffers’ opinion.


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