Sunday, November 13, 2005

Is The Deep Bucket All Out Of Balls?

Maybe it’s something in the air tonight, maybe it’s just the murmuring drivel that I’m hearing on the Golf Channel or maybe I’m starting to see the future: I don’t really know for sure. I pray to the Golf gods that I’m dead wrong, but Vijay “Deep Bucket” Singhs’ playing as of late has been somewhat of a let down. I know, I know, I’m probably jumping the gun here. It’s the end of the official season and the man probably needs a break or he’s just plain tired. Nevertheless his play as of late worries me. Two back -to-back cuts, a poor performance at the Presidents Cup and although he played undaunted through the HSBC, I didn’t feel the Vijayesque gusto.

Could this unsettling play be related to the unfortunate Ping-Pong incident that took place this past summer? I’d hate to see one of my favorite players nose dive after a table tennis injury. An injury that took him out of commission for the NEC Invitational. An event that I was fortunate enough to attend, and Deep Buckets’ absence is so noted on my all time let down list. I even shed a couple tears.

To be real though, the man lives, breathes, eats and poops golf, playing 30 tournaments alone on the PGA tour this past season and placing 2nd on the money list while Tiger and Phil played only 21 tournaments a piece.

So I can see how a decline at the tail end of the season could happen, but nevertheless, I want to see Vijay back on top. That is until Ernie comes back, but that’s a whole different ulcer of worry altogether.

Could this unsettling play carry over to the 2006 season? I hope not.

What’s your take?

Note to the reader: I have dubbed Mr. Singh as “Deep Bucket” for his pre and post round activities on the driving range where he tirelessly perfects his craft.


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