Sunday, November 06, 2005

The “Mustached Cheese Man”
Leaves The Field Moldy By 6 Strokes

He played one hell of a tournament this past weekend all the while showing all of us duffers, amateurs and professionals alike that you can in fact appreciate with age. Beating out the tours top thirty minus one this past weekend, Bart Bryant executed a superb four days of solid Golf around the historic grounds of the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta Georgia.

The man demonstrated this past year that he’s no schlub around any golf course the PGA threw at him by finishing 9th on the money list for 2005 with a cool $3.2 million in earnings.

Bart is yet another fine product of the “Don’t mess with Texas” state. He’s in good company with the likes of such greats as Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Jimmy Demaret, Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite just to name a few. Does Mr. Bryants’ future hold such great name recognition? I think it already does. A journeyman for the past 20 years on the “You name the professional tour/tournament” list, Bart is definitely a grinder, (not the sandwich of course). Whatever they’re putting in the water down their in the Lone Star State, keep doing it, it seems to be working.

Now that the Cheese Man has come out firing on all cylinders this past year, what does his future hold one may query? Ryder Cup? Presidents Cup? A major or two to add to his list of accomplishments perhaps?

In any event, I’d like to congratulate Mr. Bryant on a job well done, and wish him an early Happy Birthday. (November 18, 1962)


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