Sunday, November 20, 2005

PGA and Digest Sitting in a Tree…….
(Does it really Matter?)

Okay, this has been another issue that has made an appearance on my plate for the past few days. I was debating whether or not to address this issue or not, much like Duvals’ first round lead at the Phoenix on Thursday (which he blew), but I felt compelled as…. Wait…., I want to make sure I have the wording right……., “A self-styled people's journalist” so named by Travel Golf’s Managing Editor Mark Nessmith. First, I want to thank Mr. Nessmith for such an honorary title. A title that I earned all the while not even having to attend a fancy shmancy college. I am truly humbled.

Now, if you haven’t taken a close look at a few blogs in the past couple of days, their is this big hub-a-baloo going on over the done deal partnership between Golf Digest and the PGA tour. If you want more details concerning this matter, I suggest you check out Tim McDonalds’ article because he did a bang up job reporting on it. (He’s paid by the way.) Frankly, I really couldn’t give a fat ass about the issue.

In any event, I’m sad to report, Tim McDonalds’ article, according to some, didn’t quite cut the mustard. You see, it is apparently my duty as a non paid “self-styled people's journalist”, to report, comment, notate, mention, criticize, jibba-jabba and expound on such issues even though I could care less about them.

You see, I am not a paid journalist. I have never worked in any media field. I write about pretty much whatever I want. I choose to write about Golf, beer, and maybe some other manly vices that I shall keep under wraps for the time being. Anyways, to be honest, this whole ordeal with the PGA and Golf Digest getting into bed with one another plays what role in my life? I feel that I’m a discerning student of Golf. Even an adult for that matter. So I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to differentiate between what’s truth and honesty and what’s bullshit.

And if the PGA goes down the crapper? Well, that’s Tim Finchems’ baggage.




At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Mark Nessmith said...

Nice job, Duff! Interesting stuff as usual.


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