Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Weekends’ Biggest Players
Seem To Carry Even Bigger Monikers

What a weekend, let me just tell ya’. Great tournaments great courses and even greater players. Where do I even start?

Well, there are two big stories which concluded well before I even woke up Sunday morning. I’m referring to the Dunhill Championship as well as the AU Masters. Both tournaments hosted a great weekend of Golf.

First things first, congrats goes out to Big Ern for winning the Dunhill. Who’d of thunk it? He’s back ladies and gentlemen. The Dunhill was Els’ first official tournament back since going into hibernation this past July after the British Open in order to have surgery on his knee. Fortunately for us, he’s all rehabbed and ready to go. He’ll be hoisting a title of “Major” proportions in 2006 no doubt. The Big Easy has found new focus and determinism, a lot of rejuvenated health and his family life, as he says, is back in full swing. The only thing holding him back now is Father Time.

Switching continents, did anybody catch the AU Masters results? Robert Allenby, who has been looping around his home base for the past few weeks with a fiery case of unbridled gusto-tude toward Australian golf courses, came away with yet another AU Major to add to his shelf. The Aussie is the first man to hold all three AU titles in the same year. The Triumvirate of Triumphs will without a doubt go down as one of the greatest achievements in Australian golf lore.

The event also showcased the exploits of a recent 2005 Nationwide Tour grad, Bubba “Golden Child” Watson, who finished 2nd to Allenby, by falling just short on the first playoff hole Sunday morning. Bubba received his PGA tour card vis-à-vis Jason Gore’s battlefield promotion which took place towards the end of the season. By Gore automatically being promoted, it freed up an extra card for some lucky soul on the Nationwide Tour.

“21st Place”, as I sometimes like refer to him as, has been no slouch around town himself in the Land Down Under. (Sorry, I couldn’t pass up a Men at Work reference) Last week, Mr. Watson placed 25th at the AU PGA Championship, and a week before that, Watson placed 14th at the AU Open. I see a good trend here. He’s getting himself out there, throwin’ his game down, and running the gauntlet against some of the worlds biggest heavies. Next year, no bones about it, Bubba’s gunna’ make some waves on the PGA tour.

Heed my warning comrades, I am no expert. My pick(s) for this past weeks’ Target World Challenge didn’t quite work out as well as planned. Two of my three picks , Montgomery (14th) and Howell (11th) did not come very close to my predicted “top 6”. However, Darren Clarke did hold the lead for a short while, only to fall two shots shy of the winner Luke Donald and settle for a 2nd place finish. Also, I guess I’m not too upset, I didn’t vie for Tiger in this tournament. Who, might I add, ended up slightly further down the rabbit hole than any of my picks at a beleaguered 15th place. Time for a vacation my good man. Take a break.


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I appreciate that. Thanks.

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