Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holidays and Handicaps

Greetings! I bring you good tidings and sincere hopes that you all had a marvelously stupendous holiday. If you don’t celebrate a traditional form of the yuletide season, I can only hope that you at least downed a pint or two or maybe even three to really give the “Big Day” it’s just due.

In any event, my holiday was a pleasant one. I got some stuff, I ate some stuff and talked with people who I ordinarily only see a few times a year.

During my holiday binge, my interest was peaked (Don’t ask me why) concerning a subject that I really had no interest in pursuing before. I feel as though I am quite the “Gump” just by bring up the fact that I don’t have one, but I researched what exactly is involved in regards to figuring out a persons’ official Golf handicap.

Let me tell you something, I was in no way, shape or form ready for what awaited me. Mathematical calculations, key terminology, top notch technological applications that span the globe and all sorts of exceptions, differentials and controls. Luckily, I came across a few resources that I found helpful in my pursuit of knowledge.

Below, are the couple of resources that I found. I am in no shape to give you an explanation myself.

Recently, I added a link on the sidebar under my Misc. Potpourri section. Brent Kelley is all about golf. His FAQ piece concerning handicapping was a great help in my struggle to get a handle on this most difficult of subjects.

The USGA also has an online manual which is completely free and contains any information you could possibly need regarding official handicaps.

Using this newly discovered information, I dabbled with some numbers and applied some calculations to arrive at a ballpark figure for myself. Although I would love to shame myself to the entire world, it is with great humility and a touch of grace that I will, for the time being, decline to share such information.

In any event, ladies and gentlemen, if you are already an authority on the subject, my hat is off to you.


At 3:15 AM, Anonymous Jason said...

I wish I was a popular golfer...then there would be people out there who would figure out my handicap for me.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger CB said...

A good way to establish and keep your index is through clubs. My muni has a men's club that allows me to keep an official handicap and play in tournaments all year. It took a buddy of mine twisting my arm but tournaments are fun, and are a great way to challenge yourself and your game.


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