Monday, December 05, 2005

Holy Smokes to Holy Hell

Yeah, so Furyk caught me by surprise this weekend at the Nedbank. The guy wasn’t even on my F-ing radar. So, Kudos to the wiry native of West Chester, PA for his chip in birdie on the second playoff hole in South Africa this past Sunday. Both my picks, The Goose and Adam Scott had good showings, but the fury of Furyk could not be tamed this past weekend.

Damn, he cost me $10 too.

Furyk, you owe me $10!

Then you have Monty. Holy smokes! Did you see this guy on day 4? He must have eaten a whole chicken, wore his lucky socks or rubbed a buddah's belly, something had to of happened. Don’t get me wrong, he played beautifully throughout the tournament. He held the lead then lost it only to get it back again. But c’mon? Kingston with the dub on 18, Loar with the one over on the 18th as well and then you have Simon Yates with the triple bogey on 14 and then the bogey on 16.

Did anyone see Yates’ calamity on 14? First of all, he had the local pro tending his bag. (Questionable) His tee shot ends up in a drainage ditch, doesn’t take the drop, and only advances the ball a short distance for his second, then skulls it across the green, it was like watching a train wreck. Needless to say, he was doneski after that hole.

I honestly felt bad for the guy, and that made me want to watch even more. You hate to see a player self destruct like that being so close to the lead, but you just can’t help but watch more intently. Isn’t that the reason why we watch sports to begin with? We like to see the struggle. We want to see who is going to overcome the odds and either be victorious, or fall on their asses.
So, a big fat congrats goes out to all those who were victorious this past weekend. Jim Furyk at the Nedbank Challenge, Colin Montgomerie at the Hong Kong Golf Club, Robert Allenby at the Australian PGA championship, the Langers’ at the father son tourney and Ai Miyazato for pretty much spanking the competition at Q-school by 12 strokes.

This chick has it. She’ll win on the LPGA tour next year without a doubt. I have a feeling about these things. Although, that feeling can sometimes be misinterpreted as bad gas, but we’ll see.


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