Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A "Little" Bit of Communism Can Go a Long Way
(Don't Be Scared To Read The Below)

A few days ago, I wrote a letter to the MediaGuru himself complimenting and congratulating him on a job well done. You see, he has had his blog up and running for 1 year now, and it’s looking fabulous.

In any event, with all accolades aside, I began to address the question he asked from his post. The Guru wanted some feedback regarding the Google ads that he has been running. The man gets a few pennies each time one of his visitors gets click happy and starts to “window” shop. That’s all very well and good, and I applaud him for his capitalist efforts, but the only thing is, he still hasn’t seen any cash yet.

Google has it set up, that they won’t cut a check until you have $100 accumulated in your bankroll. Luckily, the Guru is almost there. So pay him a visit and put him over the top if you can.

But that’s not what this is all about. That whole thing about waiting till you have $100 saved is a little wacky if you ask me. You could be waiting years for crying out loud. I really think they should lower the $100 amount. This brings me to what I really wanted to address today.

Golf Bloggers Of The World Unite!

That’s right, I’m calling for Unionization baby! You read me correctly. Just imagine the possibilities. The Golf and advertising industry would be changed forever. Who better than us? United, we’d be a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with on a global scale.

I welcome your thoughts, comments and concerns.

Note to the Reader: If you don’t hear from me soon, chances are I’ve been Hoffa’d. Dig up any football field end zones or newly laid highways in the Cleveland/Columbus area to locate my remains.


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous mediaguru @ hookedongolfblog.com said...

Yes...$100. How many MILLIONS of dollars in revenue does google keep from people who placed the ads and didn't get to their $100 mark before bailing out? It has to be millions and millions.

YES. We golf bloggers should unite. But we do unite even now, in the form of link to each other's blogs and supporting each other's blogs!


At 7:44 PM, Blogger Miranda said...

I don't have ads on my blog, but I am familiar with the threshold concept as I never get the cashback bonus award from my Discover Card because I never make it to their threshold before the year starts over again.

At 10:05 PM, Blogger mediaguru @ HookedOnGolfBlog.com said...

Bunch o' crooks...

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Robert Thompson said...

I'm with you, my brothers in arms...

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Stacy said...

I really don't understand how anyone can make a living with one of these blogs. I just do it for the fun and I get to learn something new.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger The Undaunted Duffer said...

Kudos and bless your heart Stacy. I do it for fun as well, and to prevent me from investing too much of my time in illegal activities. Idle hands are the devils' play things you know.


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