Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Now I’m Felling Gusto Fabulous!
(What’s the Deal?)

Before I make any predictions for the impending Target World Challenge or any other tournament for that matter, I like to mellow out, take a few deep breaths and really focus on who exactly is in the event. I never like to pick one solidifying victor because, as we all know, golf is an individual sport, and the field, no matter what the tournament, is usually of ample size and depth.

On the other hand, this weekends’ “challenge” at Sherwood promises to be an ass in the seat, six pack at my side with some chips and dip kind of tournament. 16 of the worlds most undaunted pros are showing up and that doesn’t even include Cabrera, Singh and Daly whom each had to back out due to various personal reasons.

Hey J.D., put some ice on it!

In any event, I’m selecting three players who will all finish somewhere in the top 6. They are Colin Montgomerie, Darren Clarke and David Howell. Yeah, that’s right! I didn’t pick Tiger! Draw your own conclusions and make your own assumptions. Also, if you didn’t notice, my 3 picks are all of imported birth.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I’m feeling a little gusto-fabulous tonight, please excuse my exuberance, for I fear that the approaching holidays may be affecting my mental capacity. This, plus that fact that I haven’t hit a golf ball in several weeks could be the reason for my disturbing arrangement of vernacular as well as my loose construction of un-sounding lingo.


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