Sunday, January 08, 2006

Euros Win the Royal,
But the Asians still Rocked

Well, the Royal Trophy has reached its denouement and the European led Seve Ballesteros team came out victorious, barely (9 to 7). Enjoy the $60,635,962.37 baht. After day 1 competition though, it looked as though the European team would have a transient days work on Sunday, but that was everything but the case this morning.

I watched the Golf Channel’s coverage of the event and I was pretty impressed by the level of play at which the Asian team competed. Although two of the Asian teams heavy hitters lost their singles matches (Jaidee and Randhawa), it was the surprising play by the rest of the Asian party on day 2 that really stood out. Of the 8 total singles matches today, only 3 European players came out victorious. (Paul McGinley, Graeme McDowell and Henrik Stenson) I think that’s some pretty good golf.

Although I would love to regurgitate the hole by hole analysis like so many news outlets do, I’m going to take a different road.

The Royal Trophy, I believe, is yet another friendly but resolute “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” announcement to the entire world of Golf that Asian players are here to stay. People have said it over and over for years now, but this past weekends’ event, the growing popularity of the game in the Asian regions and a countless number of courses in development are all sure reason why any golf enthusiast should keep an eye on these gifted players, I know I will.


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