Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Few Tidbits, Nubs and Points of No Interest

I Loathe Rory Sabatini

The guy is an ass and a schmuck. I can’t stand his attitude or his unpleasant demeanor. I guess it all stems back to
what he did to Ben Crane last year. That shows me what kind of character the guy has. I don’t like him, despite his sweet looking pants.

What the F@#!, Michele Wie is number 3?
(How long have I been Comatose?)

I’m all for the women golfers of the world to be identified by a number. I’m a man, I’ve been putting this process to work since I hit puberty. But when you put an overrated, adolescent teenager who’s looking for her next payday at the number 3 slot, something is critically wrong. The chick still hasn’t won anything. I don’t know how Rolex is putting together these figures, but they should apply my method of numbering instead.

Accenture Match Play

Lets hope the little kitty cat feels better this week. He’ll need all the strength he can muster. The field is meticulously crafted with nothing but the best of what the world of golf can provide. I know this because my fantasy golf team for the
Chrysler Classic of Tucson blows. (I’m hanging on to the idea that Justin Rose will make things happen.)

I’m picking three possibilities for the Accenture event: DiMarco, Goosen and Henrik Stenson (Yeah, that’s right. The swinging Swede is going to be making some noise. Don’t be a hater.)

Big Break V Better Give Me a Break

If Nikki DiSanto does not get kicked off tonight, I’m going to have a mental breakdown. Plus, I will be forced to designate all the other women who are on that show as “scrubs” and not worthy to even carry my bag because they are unable to get this crazy nut job off the show.

The Lame Golf Show Extravaganza

Not as good as I thought it would be. Read all about it


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