Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hello Again!

Good Souls,

I hope that this message finds you all well. The chilly winter months are pretty much past me here in Cleveland. But, of course, Mother Nature never makes a promise.

In any event, I hope to fall back into the golf blogging fold and start posting on a regular basis once again.

While I’ve been absent, I’ve noticed a few fellows have fallen by the wayside and a few have popped up in their place. I’ve made some additions and deletions on the side bar if you want to check them out.

Well, the hoopla has already been in full swing for sometime now and
Masters Week is less than 5 days away. I can smell the majestic connotations in the air, and I’m hundreds of miles from Augusta.

The recent
changes to the course have caused some corpses to turn over in their graves, while the living supporters of the renovations are defending the changes stating that it will foster a more competitive tournament.

Let me just say this one thing. Adding a few trees and moving a couple tee boxes back twenty or thirty yards is hardly a renovation.

I’m sick of reading about how courses are going through these huge renovations when all that is really happening is the addition of some more yardage. I know that it’s an undertaking to do, but c’mon! Sooner or later, airplane pilots are going to get runways and fairways confused.

In any event, what’s the Masters without trying to make a few predictions? Over at
The Sand Trap, the staff has made some choices as to who is going to finish on top, who’s going to be the biggest disappointment, who or what will make the biggest surprise and who could be the dark horse in the field.

I’d love to hear your predictions.


At 5:16 PM, Blogger dave said...

I can only say that it is going to be a great week of golf and I am ready to watch as much as I can.

At 9:37 PM, Blogger MCPO Airdale said...

Going out tomorrow for a "spring" tune up. . .temps should be in the high 60's.

Welcome back!


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