Thursday, April 13, 2006

Foam at the Mouth
by Lowering your Golf Scores!

Here's How:

A few weeks back, I had mentioned that I had broken 100 for the very first time at a course near my house called Bunker Hill Golf Course. It was a splendid day to say the least. With three of my buddies with me, the four of us had a great time.

Leading up to and throughout my round, I wanted to try out a few products that I had recently received. The first was called Gorilla Gold. Now, I had heard of this product before, and had even seen it at the Cleveland Golf Show back in February, but had never before tried it.

Gorilla Gold is an extremely tacky cloth that you can use to rub on your golf grips, your hands or even your glove to add some more adhesion and confidence to your swing. The product comes in a re-sealable plastic bag that keeps the cloth tacky for up to 6 weeks and sometimes beyond. It can also be used for baseball, tennis, football, and a million other applications where grippin’ and/or rippin’ come into play.

I had let my friends try it on that fateful day when my Duffer score was met and they were immediately impressed by the results as was I. Each time since, my friends have asked to use it. The only obstacle you may have to overcome is putting the cloth back in the bag after it has been on your hands.

Overall, a great product, and a cheap one to boot over at the Savvy Golfer!

The second product that I have used recently has been on the market for quite some time now. The Brush-T system is a collection of several different tees at various lengths which consists of a plastic base that you insert into the ground and plastic bristles which support the ball. The reason why you have an assortment of sizes is because the club and the club head size dictate the correct Brush-T to use.

The plastic bristles that the ball sits on at address offers less resistance than compared to a traditional wooden tee which hopefully translates into increased yardage off the tee box. Also, the Brush-T system is unique in regards to its packaging. To prevent these bristles from falling off or getting frayed, each Brush-T comes with its own small plastic case to store it in.

All in all, the Brush-T is a great product, especially for beginners who are looking for that added confidence off the tee.

I used a third product to prepare me for my personal best of 94, and that product was the BirdieBall. The BirdieBall is another creation that has been around for awhile. It works great if you have an average sized back yard or a school yard nearby.

The BirdieBall is a revolutionary device which allows the golfer to swing freely and without worry at an object but without the concern of possibly breaking a window. The beauty of the BirdieBall is that it maxes out at 40 yards.

Furthermore, the BirdieBall will follow the same flight path as a regular ball that you may hit on the course or at the range, just to a certain distance. A true benefit lies in that it gives you some great feedback by telling you if you are slicing or hooking.

These three products are great items to enhance your game. All of which can be found at The Savvy Golfer, at very competitive prices.


At 12:58 PM, Blogger dave said...

I did the BirdieBall thing and now will be able to practice in the yard after work. I was usually too late to change and go to the range.

At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got one of those Birdieballs last year, hit it a couple times and put it away. Yesterday I played at a small municipal course, not having hit a club since last year. I am not a great golfer, generally I hit it straight, but not too far. At the course, I had a couple worm burners and a couple slices.
After I got home, I found the Birdieball and hit it a few times.
It really does hit a lot like a golf ball, I had a slice or 2, but for the most part I hit them straight. Using a 5-iron, my best shot was 33 yards, my worst just shy of 30. Think I am going to get a few more if I can find a good deal on them.



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