Monday, April 10, 2006

Quite the Assault on Augusta

So the Masters has reached its denouement, and Phil Michelson sits atop golf’s most coveted leader board. Quite a feeling of accomplishment for Lefty I’m sure, but I’m stuck eating a hefty helping of humble pie. No way did I think Phil could have turned out another win this year at Augusta, especially after last weeks’ performance at Sugarloaf.

It’s quite the occasion on several fronts for Michelson. The first benchmark, and perhaps the most publicized happening was his ability to win the week before the Masters at Sugarloaf, then winning the Masters itself this past Sunday. Only Sandy Lyle in 1988, Art Wall in 1959 and Ralph Guldhal in 1939 were able to accomplish this feat.

Secondly, Michelson now has two consecutive Majors under his belt. Can he carry this momentum over? I try not to make those kinds of predictions. I fear for my sanity and my fantasy golf team.

Thirdly, throughout the week, he caused quite a stir by packing some serious heat in his bag in the form of two drivers. Never before had a competitor done this, maybe now more pros will take notice.

Finally, Michelson has to be feeling ridiculously confident about his game. His short game is firmly in place, where he can really capitalize more so now that he is able to get the ball further down the fairway with his choice of driver.

Some speculated that he may have “peaked” too early leading up to the Masters, but Phil remained steadfast stating that Sugarloaf was the key preparatory tournament for his fight at Augusta.

All this talk about Phil is making me dizzy!

Let’s talk some Tim Clark.

Tim Clark, as I’ve stated before, is without a doubt a standout player in all regards. I believe this will be his breakout year where he will be winning some big tournaments. Although currently his status on the PGA Tour is winless, he has won three times on the European Tour and twice on the Tour, now the Nationwide.

Of the nine tournaments he has played here in the states, Clark has finished in the top 15 four times and after his 2nd place finish at the Masters, thanks to an awesome hole out from the front right bunker on 18, he sits at 19th on the money list.

An awesome event to say the least, I hope all of you were able to watch!


At 9:14 PM, Blogger MCPO Airdale said...

The Masters is the very reason I shelled out the big bucks for the large screen HDTV. If I could only manage to get rid of Lanny's "commentary", it would be perfect.


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