Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Grey Goose Group Lays a Mean Egg!

I’ve come to a conclusion as of late.

The hosts/co-hosts and/or moderators, whatever you fancy to call them, are a band of blowhards and simpletons. I appreciate the attempts they make to create a buzz amongst the golfing community, however they do it with very little gusto or invigoration.

On the other hand, Steve Duemig looks as if he’s going to “stroke out” whenever he tries to make a point. The veins in his neck and head protrude so greatly, it’s as if he’s passing a stone. So I got to give him props for that. Risking your health to try and make a point should never go unnoticed.

Look for more to come concerning this trio of trumpeters as they pronounce the gospel of golf.


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